Berne in dogs: what is it and how to treat it?

It is quite common for dog tutors to have heard about berne in dogs, as the disease can affect any pet and cause serious health problems in animals. So, if you want to know more about how to prevent canker sore in dogs and also how to treat canine canker sores, you are in the right place. Follow … Read more

Inflamed adanal gland of dogs: how to solve it?

Inflamed adanal gland in dogs is a common problem that can cause discomfort in animals and concern for owners. Therefore, understanding the problem is the first step in seeking adequate treatment and ensuring pet treatment. Below, we explain the problem better and present the ways to restore your friend’s well-being. What is inflammation of the … Read more

Star tick in dogs? Understand the risks and what to do

The star tick in dogs is a reality in some regions of the country, especially in rural areas. This pest transmits several diseases to humans, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever. When we think about the health of dogs and humans, it is important to be aware of the risks that ticks pose. Below, we’ll explore … Read more

Understand what Lyme disease is and how to identify it in your dog

It is common knowledge that can pose great risks to the well-being of our pets. Transmitting agents of diseases such as babesiosis  and ehrlichiosis , commonly known as tick diseases , these parasites may also be responsible for occurrences such as tick paralysis and Lyme disease, which we are going to deal with in this article. Also known as borreliosis, Lyme disease is caused by … Read more

Otohematoma in dogs: Causes, symptoms and treatment

The otohematoma, or auricular hematoma, is a hemorrhage between the cartilage and the skin of the inner face of the dog’s ear (hematoma). Thus, otohematoma appears as a swollen ear , that is, a fluctuating and painful swelling of the inner face of the ear. Otohematoma occurs due to trauma that causes rupture of blood vessels in … Read more

Corneal ulcer in dogs: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Corneal ulcer in dogs is an injury to the transparent structure of the eye caused by external trauma. Corneal ulcers are painful and can be aggravated by infection or trauma (eg scratching), and monitoring by a veterinarian is recommended. Treatment consists of the use of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and mydriatics. Superficial corneal ulcer, with treatment, heals in 2 to 6 days . What … Read more


Did you know that neutered dog behavior is different from those that are not? But calm down, because the news is good! That’s because some quirks that we usually don’t approve of go away or at least decrease after castration. Spoiler: pee, runaways and bumps with our leg are among them. Isn’t that a relief? In addition, neutering prevents diseases such … Read more


As important as knowing that anxiety in pets is a problem, it is understanding what are the reasons that lead them to this situation. Even because, prevention will always be the best medicine, isn’t it? In addition, it is our duty as a tutor to provide much more than food, bath, and a place to sleep. Apart from all … Read more