Pets and fireworks don’t seem to go together, as anyone who’s been with a puppy during a fireworks display knows how nervous they get.

We, as human beings, find fireworks beautiful and a traditional holiday spectacle. However, as guardians, we want to protect our pets from anything that frightens them.

Therefore, you need to know what to do at these times, to find a compromise between enjoying the beauty of the fireworks and eliminating any possibility of trauma, scares and fear in the pet.

With practical and simple tips, your best friend will thank you for protecting him so much and always! After all, providing security in one of the most stressful moments for them is a great proof of love.

How do fireworks affect pets?

Unlike us, pets don’t know what fireworks are, what their purpose is, how beautiful they are and a tradition around the world.

Imagine if you didn’t know either, and out of nowhere, you heard several loud noises, one after the other, as if they were (and are) explosions? You would be scared too, wouldn’t you?

Now remember that added to that is the fact that pets hear 4 times better than humans. That is, they hear any noise, much louder compared to us.

And if fireworks are well perceived by us, even being far away from them, our cats perceive them much more abruptly.

If your dog or cat is not prepared for fireworks, they can result in trauma, fear, stress and anxiety.

And unfortunately, this can happen not only in the next burning, but yes, with any noise a little louder or similar to the sound of fireworks.

In addition, they can run away and injure themselves from mildly to severely.

So, for your pet not to suffer any consequences and not become traumatized, a dog or kitten “spied”, always fearful and fearful, follow the tips that we will give you!

What to do if you go to see the fireworks far from the pet?

Prepare a security environment:

  • close windows and doors. If you have a cat, don’t forget to screen the environments to avoid escapes;
  • never trap pets in collars;
  • do not leave any dangerous objects within their reach;
  • put them in a place where he is used to it;
  • the environment needs to have hiding places, such as under the bed, behind sofas, cabinets, etc.;
  • leaving clothes, cloths, towels or any item with the smell of the tutors is also a great tip to calm them down;

Leave the TV or stereo on

Television is a good resource to relieve the tension of the kittens, as the human voice is proven to be calming for them, in addition, it drowns out the sounds of fireworks.

The sound is also another option, and they can be turned on in a volume that is not so loud, but that muffles external noises. In that case, choose playlists that have a relaxing effect on pets.

These playlists are easily found on the internet and already approved by several tutors.

Tips to muffle and protect pets from the sound of fireworks

pet noise muffler 

These days, there are two main types of noise mufflers to use for pets and fireworks .

Some are made of cloth and some are the same as the earmuffs used by professionals as safety equipment. This type is also equivalent to one of those large headphones, wrapped around the head.

Both are great and muffle any noise, but when deciding, choose what you think your pet will accept and feel comfortable with.

But remember to put them on hours before midnight, for two reasons: for him to get used to the accessory and also to prevent them from those loose fires during the day.

The mufflers are easily found in pet stores and range from R$ 20 to more than 100.

Calming/Anti Panic Vest

To calm the pet and make it more comfortable, there is also another alternative, the calming vests.

They are comfortable, soft and tight vests in the right measure and have the principles of:

  • decrease stress and agitation;
  • relieve panic symptoms;
  • act naturally;
  • bring a sense of well-being.

In this way, they are highly recommended for any type of noise, be it fireworks, even for sensitive pets with thunder, horns, loud sounds, etc.

For pets and fireworks , vests are usually like very warm and tight hugs in those moments when we need them most.

The price ranges from 60 to more than 100.

towel or cloth

The cloth or towel is part of a homemade method if you don’t have access to any of the previous accessories.

They will play the same role as the anti-panic vest, and serve to calm down and make pets feel protected during fireworks .

Just get a towel or cloth, which is the ideal size for your pet, without being too loose or too tight, and follow these steps:

As it is a technique that takes a little time to do it, don’t forget to start it hours before the fireworks display, okay? Otherwise, your pet will be too agitated for this procedure to work.

And more:

  • leave free access to the room he likes best, as well as his toys and walks;
  • never leave them trapped in houses or collars;
  • do not hug him or be tense, as they will understand that they are in danger;
  • do not repress the pussy, as if he could not be afraid;
  • beware of Christmas food for dogs .

After our tips, pets and fireworks won’t be such enemies, thanks to you, the best friend they could ever have!

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