Have you ever seen your dog licking its paw ? This seems super normal, because after all, who doesn’t scratch themselves sometimes or something?  But in the case of frequent licks, they could mean that there’s something wrong with the pet’s physical or emotional health. In both cases, proper treatment is essential so that they remain free … Read more

Dog vaccinations: everything you need to know

Nowadays, dogs are practically members of the family. For that reason, we don’t want anything to happen to our companions. The best way to ensure that your pet’s health is kept up-to-date, avoiding very common illnesses with poor prognosis , is through regular vaccinations and check-ups. As with humans, vaccines for dogs guarantee immunity against various diseases, … Read more

Pets need bathing and grooming every week?

Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility for all owners. It is necessary to pay attention to the furry’s basic needs, such as food, health care, emotional well-being and hygiene. And, of course, many questions arise during everyday life: am I offering adequate food? Is the animal disease free? Do pets need bathing and grooming all week? … Read more

Canine dermatitis: Know what it is, symptoms and treatment

An itch from time to time is normal. Meanwhile, when the puppy starts scratching constantly, it’s important to turn on the alert. After all, he may have canine dermatitis. But don’t be scared! Once identified, the disease can be treated and, following it according to the veterinarian’s guidelines, your pet will be well and healthy. Below, we … Read more

4 tips for treating bad breath in dogs

If you’re looking for tips to treat bad breath in dogs, you’ve come to the right place. First of all, it is worth saying that: anyone who thinks that bad breath in dogs is something “normal” is wrong. Sometimes, the bad smell can be due only to the lack of brushing and care for the … Read more

Berne in dogs: what is it and how to treat it?

It is quite common for dog tutors to have heard about berne in dogs, as the disease can affect any pet and cause serious health problems in animals. So, if you want to know more about how to prevent canker sore in dogs and also how to treat canine canker sores, you are in the right place. Follow … Read more

Inflamed adanal gland of dogs: how to solve it?

Inflamed adanal gland in dogs is a common problem that can cause discomfort in animals and concern for owners. Therefore, understanding the problem is the first step in seeking adequate treatment and ensuring pet treatment. Below, we explain the problem better and present the ways to restore your friend’s well-being. What is inflammation of the … Read more

Star tick in dogs? Understand the risks and what to do

The star tick in dogs is a reality in some regions of the country, especially in rural areas. This pest transmits several diseases to humans, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever. When we think about the health of dogs and humans, it is important to be aware of the risks that ticks pose. Below, we’ll explore … Read more